Ross the Music Teacher

Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

in Colorado Springs
with Ross

What can you learn from Ross the Music Teacher?

Read Music

Reading music is one of the best ways to become a truly fluent musician. Don't put it off any longer!

Proper Technique

Building proper technique will make playing more easy, and enjoyable.

Music Theory

Knowing the building blocks within music is extremely empowering.


Learn to fingerpick any style, and master the acoustic guitar.

Finger Strumming

Mix fingerstyle playing with strumming, and open up your possibilities.

Count Rhythm

Being in control of your rhythm is essential for expressive playing.

Practice Strategy

Learn faster by planning your practice time and becoming more efficient.

Learn Music

not just Guitar.

Why study with Ross?

Online Scheduling

Schedule lessons conveniently from your computer or phone.

Hundreds of Free Videos

Over the course of the years, I have made HUNDREDS of guitar videos you can watch: Free!

No Contracts

Avoid pesky contracts and only pay for the lessons you take.

Comfortable Studio

My studio is comfortable, and conveniently located in downtown Colorado Springs.

Who is Ross the Music Teacher?

Ross the Music teacher is a musician, author, popular YouTube instructor, and web-developer based in Colorado Springs, CO.

(719) 749-1434‬
709 N. Nevada Ave, Ste 206
Colorado Springs, CO 80906