Music Theory in One Lesson


  • Learn music theory fundamentals
  • Easy to read
  • No musical notation, uses easy to read diagrams

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This powerful little 52 page music theory book is a great place to start for any music lover wanting to understand how music works. Also a YouTube sensation with over a quarter million students, this method shines a fresh light on music theory. The most basic and necessary topics in music theory are covered in depth here, using easy to understand visual aids and straight-forward English. This book applies to anyone who plays any instrument. The Musical Alphabet – Begin to associate pitch with letters. Scales – Use those letters to build scales, the most basic building block in music. Intervals and Musical Distance – Use scales to build intervals and create beautiful harmony. Melody – Use scales to create beautiful melodies. Harmony – Create chord progressions that make your melodies sing. Inverting Intervals and Chords – Learn to manipulate your intervals and chords for more interesting sounds. The Tritone – Use this spicy interval to create tension and resolution in your audience. Other Types of Chords and Their Functions – More chord flavors so you can begin mixing unique sounds together. The Circle of Fifths – This secret ingredient for knowing all chords and scales instantly is covered in depth. Borrowing Across Keys – Learn to borrow from other scales to create a mixture of feeling. Modes – Learn modes to create even more melodies!


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